About Our Parish Council

03-04-2018Pastor's LetterRev. John C. Granato

It seems that some parishioners would like to know about our parish council. A parish council is an advisory board of parishioners to help the pastor concerning parish concerns, events and situations. Parish council members should have a pulse on what the concerns of the parish are and be active in helping with possible fundraisers. The pastor may also bring questions to the parish council for advice for something specific.

When we became one parish, St. John Paul the Great, I decided to combine the four parish council of the four previous parishes. But I also wanted a manageable parish council, so I decided upon three members from each church. Some willingly stepped aside before we took a vote. At the end of the process, I had my twelve members from the four previous parishes. They are listed in the parish bulletin. I also added a thirteenth member, from the Spanish community, and the parish council also has ex-officio members that are a part of the parish council because of their role in the church.

We also have a new parish council email for you to use if you have a concern that you think should be brought to the parish council meeting.

We meet every second Monday from September to June. We will also be having term limits for the parish council members. I will begin rotating four members off each year for the next three years. New members are not going to be decided upon which parish they used to belong to. For example, even though each former parish will have a member rotated off each year for the next three years, the new member to be voted onto the parish council could have belonged to any of the former parishes. And after three years, the one member from the Spanish community will not be replaced. Since we are one parish, members of the Spanish community will be offered the same opportunity as everyone else to be nominated for parish council. We will soon be taking nominations for the upcoming year.

God bless.
Fr. John