Parish Council Nominations

04-15-2018Pastor's LetterRev. John C. Granato

My Dear Friends,

On April 29th, we will be asking for nominations for our parish council. We are looking for four new members. It is a three year term, and we meet on the second Monday from 7-8 from September to June. Once we receive the names for nominations, we will contact the persons to see if they are willing to serve, and on May 20th, we will hold the final vote.

The parish council is an advisory committee that comes together to discuss parish issues and concerns, as well as fundraisers and events. A parish council member first and foremost must be someone who loves our Church and our faith. He or she must be positive in outlook, looking to be part of a solution. Parish council members must also embrace that we are one parish. Any issue or concern or discussion that happens is placed under the umbrella of St. John Paul the Great. Parish council members cannot be attached only to one church building and not have concern for the parish as a whole. My responsibility as the pastor is to make sure that both church buildings are maintained and each campus also maintained. It is the concern of every parishioner, let alone every parish council member, to have stewardship over every building in our parish, which currently has 12 buildings.

A parish council member should also be approachable and able to communicate concerns and issues with charity. Most importantly, every parish council member needs to understand that everything we do and everything that is decided is placed under the mantle of St. John Paul the Great and Our Blessed Mother's Immaculate Heart. That means our parish decisions flow from the parish council with the understanding that all is done for the Greater Glory of God, Ad maiorem Dei gloriam. I ask everyone to pray these next two weeks that God lays on your heart names of parishioners that would make great parish council members or if you feel called you may nominate yourself.

God bless you.