Come to the Bread of Life

08-05-2018Gospel ReflectionRev. John C. Granato

My Dear Friends,

In today’s Gospel, Jesus says that He is the Bread of Life. It is a continuation from last week’s Gospel when Jesus fed the five thousand with the loaves and fish. It is also in preparation for the continuation of the important chapter six of the Gospel of John where Jesus will flesh out His comment on being the Bread of Life. The importance of chapter six cannot be minimized or disregarded. Jesus speaks plainly to His disciples and those who are following Him. “What can you do?” they ask Him. Moses gave them manna, but Jesus responds that is was not Moses, but rather His Father who gives them true bread from heaven.

It only makes sense that this Bread from Heaven that Jesus will give will be superior to the manna. Everything Jesus did that was foreshadowed in the Old Testament was fulfilled in a greater way in the New Testament. If the manna was Bread from Heaven, the bread that the angels ate, then the Eucharist has to be, by nature greater than just bread and wine. For those Christians who deny the Real Presence of the Eucharist and view communion only as bread and wine, they are missing out on the very words of Jesus Christ, that His flesh is real food and His blood is real drink. “And He who eats My flesh and drinks My blood will have life within him.”

We are truly blessed as Catholics to be able to eat from the Tree of Life every day at Mass. We are truly blessed that our faith and our Church teach that Jesus Christ is truly and really present in the Eucharist; Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity. If we remain faithful to our Catholic faith and the reception of the Holy Eucharist and strive to a life of holiness, then our lives will bear fruit. Holiness is attainable. Holiness is forever nourished by the worthy reception of Jesus’ Body and Blood. Holiness is what helps us through the carrying of our crosses. Holiness is God’s grace working in our lives. Come to the Bread of Life and you will never be hungry nor will you ever thirst again.

God bless.

Fr. John