Update about scam attempts

10-16-2020From the PastorFr. Emmanuel Ihemedu

As we have stated before, parishes have noted an increase in scam attempts directed toward their parishioners. In these scams, a call, text, or email is sent, appearing to come from the priest and requesting that the individual send money to a certain location/account or purchase gift cards whose serial numbers are then forwarded along to the “priest.” Often, the phone number or email address used appears as if it might be coming from the priest but is, in fact, fake.

Your parish and your priests do not request donations in this way.

Recently, a scammer created a fake Facebook account in the name of Emmanuel Ihemedu, using Father Emmanuel's photos, and sent dozens of friend requests. Once the person accepted the request, the scammer asked the new “friend” for money.

Father Emmanuel never sends friend requests and does not request donations in this way. Do not accept a friend request from anyone pretending to be Father Emmanuel and do not ever send money or provide your personal information.

If you received and accepted a friend request, report it to Facebook, then unfriend and block this fake account.

Please remember that all offerings to the parish should be made only through official channels we utilize, which include the online giving page, parish office, and mailed-in envelopes.