The banquet is ready. Come!

10-11-2020Weekly Reflection© LPi

God gives us an invitation to have an abundant life. The banquet is ready, and the tables are set. Come!

There is so much to attend to in the everydayness of our lives. We have plans, after all. There is never enough time and so much that needs to be done. There is work, children, and grandchildren, paying the bills, planning for retirement, figuring out the details of our next vacation, making sure we are on top of our game with work, planning social engagements, answering emails, texts, and getting our latest pictures on Facebook. There is always something. What is this about a banquet?

God calls us to participate in the banquet of life, a banquet that can fill and satisfy us like no other. It is a spiritual feast where we kind find inner refreshment and satisfy the thirst and hunger of our souls. Do you want to come?

Every human being receives an invitation; no one is excluded. There is no charge and an abundant table is set.

Some will blatantly refuse. They see no merit in attending and feel that they can fill their needs in other ways. Others will simply ignore the invitation. Maybe they are too consumed with other matters they feel are more important at the time. Still others may even get angry and feel deep resentment for even being asked, resorting to acts of violence in protest of the very presence of the feast.

In spite of this, many will also come. They will be the good and the bad, the lost and the lonely, and the ones who understand. They know love when they see it. When they go to the feast, they will rejoice and be glad as they will have found the God for whom they looked!