EDGE Middle School Grades 6-8

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Marlene Carrier, Youth Minister
Coordinator of EDGE Middle School Religious Education Program
860-489-7899 • Cell 860-309-7855 Call/Text
Office of Youth Ministry
Pope St. John Paul II Pastoral Center
160 Main Street, Torrington

What is EDGE?
EDGE is a Catholic middle school youth ministry program.
It provides a safe fun place for youth to find solid Catholic community,
to get answers to their questions about faith, and, most importantly,
to experience Jesus in a profound and personal way.

EDGE resources speak to the physical, psychological, cognitive,
relational, and spiritual maturation of middle school youth.
LIFETEEN/EDGE believes that “Eucharist-based ministry has the power to
transform teens, transform parishes, and transform culture.”

EDGE’s focuses on a personal relationship with Christ and His Church, through encountering him in the Eucharist.
We believe that an engaging, reverent youth liturgy can change the lives of teens.

That is why our classes begin with the LIFETEEN MASS at 5pm followed by EDGE at 6pm.
EDGE Nights are inviting, exciting and engaging, while teaching the fullness of the Catholic faith, and giving young people the answers that they so desperately need to the challenging questions that they are confronted with in the world today.

EDGE resources present Catholic teaching in a way that young people can understand. It meets the needs of this age group in a catechetical,fun, and relevant way and provides a foundation for youth to continue onto LifeTeen. http://lifeteen.com/