Caring for the Homebound

St. John Paul the Great stated: "The name 'Good Samaritan' fits every individual who is sensitive to the sufferings of others and who is moved by the misfortune of another."

Our parish provides the mission statement of our ministry, "We must never pass by on the other side indifferently; we must stop beside him."

Our ministry impels us to provide sacramental spiritual and charitable forms of service to our sick. The ministry is a vibrant part of our parish. We have approximately twenty Eucharistic Ministers bringing Communion to our homebound – during these visits they provide support and comfort to our sick. Our priests celebrate the Mass at our four nursing homes every other month from September to May. Eucharistic Ministers visit each nursing home at least twice a month to distribute the Eucharist. Our parish priests visit the homebound for a visit or to hear confessions. We also celebrate a Mass of Healing on first Fridays. Also our local hospital is visited Monday through Friday for those who wish to receive the Eucharist.

It is a parish responsibility to care for our sick and aging brothers and sisters in Christ.

Contact Mary Ann Seiser at 860-482-4433 for more information.