Kevin's Place

A community meal that is served on the second Sunday of every month in St. Peter Hall.

In 2018, Kevin's Place served 503 guest, which is an increase from 2017, by 62 guest. We also handed out 386 bagged lunches to go and gave any leftover meals to FISH. We gave away hundreds of rosary beads, prayers cards, hats, scarfs, gloves and socks. This ministry is supported by many volunteers from the parish. Which contribute their time, talent and treasures. The first two years were funded by a grant. It is now funded by donations. To date we have $9,388.57 in donations.

When Kevin's Place started in 2015. We were four parishes that came together as one, to serve our brothers and sisters in our community. We now are one, strong faith filled parish, still serving our community proudly.

Call 860-482-4433 to get involved.