Legion of Mary

Come, join us!

St. John Paul the Great Parish unit of the Legion is called Our Lady of Grace Praesidium. Come and see the Legion from the inside. Be a guest at one of our meetings. You can even try a work assignment with an experienced member. All that is needed is a willingness to sacrifice a little of your time and energy for the greatest reason in the world: your love of God.

Our parish Legion of Mary members meet Tuesdays at 4:15pm in the Pastoral Center. All are welcome. For additional information, please call Mary Ann at 860-309-5663.

The Legion of Mary is…

…the largest and most widely acclaimed organization of lay people in the Catholic Church found on all continents, in over 170 countries throughout the world. It was founded in Dublin, Ireland on Sept. 7, 1921, and currently has 9 million members worldwide.

Our Goal

The aim of the Legion of Mary is for its members to grow in holiness through prayer and active cooperation in Mary's and the Church's work. Legionaries develop a courageous faith to accomplish great things in small ways, all for the glory of God and the salvation of souls.

How the Legion of Mary works

Active Members say a short prayer every day, attend a weekly meeting filled with prayer and comradery, and perform two hours of service – primarily the Spiritual Works of Mercy. Auxiliary Members support the Legion of Mary through daily prayer, including the Holy Rosary.

The Legion of Mary will help you:

  • Learn more about the Catholic faith
  • Enrich your prayer life
  • Develop close Catholic friendships
  • See Christ in others and serve Him there
  • Develop a closer relationship with Jesus & Mary
  • Walk-in-hand with Mary, our Queen & Mother
  • Submit to the Holy Spirit as an instrument in His work
  • Give new meaning to your life by working for others

No other Catholic organization offers the same support, guidance and structure for Spiritual Growth as does the Legion of Mary. Matters are always kept in the strictest confidence, and weekly meetings, filled with prayer, result in members developing friendships that last a lifetime. Members stay connected to each other through a strong communication network that includes weekly, monthly or annual meetings and reports, periodicals, and social media.

To learn more about the Legion of Mary world apostolic organization, please see www.legionofmary.ie.