Prayer Shawl Ministry

The St. John Paul the Great Prayer Shawl Ministry was started in 2004 by Maryann Ring and Carmy Tromba. Joan Colangelo has managed the group since 2010. We meet in members’ homes once a month excluding December.  

Our members knit shawls which are distributed to nursing homes, the cancer center and any individual who needs comforting. These shawls are always free of charge.  We also knit baby blankets which are given out to each child baptized in our parish. A specially designed card is included with each shawl and blanket given out.

We currently have 12 members who both knit and crochet. Some make shawls and others do baby blankets. Members purchase their own yarn for the shawls and the parish pays for the baby yarn.

Since the beginning, over 1100 items have been created and given out free. Over the years, 684 shawls have been given to individuals, convalescent homes and homeless. Also, 462 baby blankets have been presented at baptisms up to now.

Do you like to knit or crochet? Contact Joan Colangelo at 860-482-6294 for more information on how to be involved in this ministry.