Religious Education Registration

This page contains the necessary forms to register your child. You can also use our online electronic registration form by completing our online registration below. To expedite the process, please complete them in their entirety. If you choose the paper method, please return them back to us at your earliest convenience along with the necessary payment and documents.

We have extended our registration period to SUNDAY, OCTOBER 31. This is the last day you can register for our 2021-2022 Faith Formation year. Registrations after this date will incur a $15.00 late fee and will be dependent on availability in our classrooms. Our goal is to never leave a child out of the programs, however, due to limited space and teachers, we have limitations with enrollment. 

We welcome and are delighted to accept all students, however, no walk-in will be accepted on the first day of class. Students need to have been pre-registered and assigned to a class list in order to attend the first day of class. No exceptions to this rule.

What Must be Returned with Registration

  1. Registration Form (pages 1-3) *NOTE* If you have multiple children, and the information from sections 2, 3, & 5 is different for a child, pages 1 and 3 must be completed separately for each individual child who has different information.
  3. Baptism Certificates (If the student is NEW to the program, and if baptized outside of St. Peter, St. Francis, St. Mary, or Sacred Heart, a COPY of their Baptismal Certificate will be necessary with the registration)
  5. Parental Commitment & Family Involvement Forms

How can I return the forms and payment?

  1. Mail them in to the address below or drop them off in our mail slot outside of the pastoral center next to St. Francis church.
  2. Place them in the Collection Box at both St. Peter or St. Francis Church
  3. Attend our registration sessions (calendar attached)

Whatever method you choose, please make sure you label all correspondence.

Tuition Fee

The 2021-2022 tuition will be $40.00 per child in grades K-8th. Confirmation students are $75.00. An additional Sacramental fee for First Holy Communion & Confirmation students (year 2) will be due in the spring of 2022. The additional fee is only for students receiving Sacraments in 2022.

You can pay by CASH or CHECK. Checks payable to St. John Paul the Great with your child’s name on the memo section of the check. Please do not mail in CASH. Cash payment can be put in the collection box found at both of our churches or placed in our mail slot found on the back porch at the pastoral center (next to St. Francis Church). All envelopes must be addressed to Jen Owens Religious Ed and your child’s name (s) must be on them. Thank you!

Online Payment


At this time, you can pay for multiple students in grades K-8th at ONE TIME. However, if you have a child in the K-8th and in the Confirmation program, you will need to do a separate transaction for that payment using the same link. 

EXAMPLE 1: If you're registering a child in our High School Confirmation program ONLY, one transaction is acceptable.

EXAMPLE #2: If you're registering multiple children in multiple grades but all within K thru 8, one transaction is acceptable.

EXAMPLE #3:  If you're registering multiple children with a combination of K-8th and Confirmation, you can register them using one entry, but you will need to process one payment for grades K thru 8 category first, after that payment has been processed, you can click the link again and pay for the High School Confirmation fee(s). At times, you may experience system errors depending on the web browser you are using. Microsoft Edge seems to be the user friendly browser.

Address to mail in payment & registration forms:
Pope John Paul II Pastoral Center
160 Main St. Torrington, CT 06790
C/O Jen Owens

Religious Education fees are to cover the cost of books and education material. If you have any difficulty in paying the fee, please discuss it with the program director. All children are welcomed and will not be kept from admission due to the inability to pay the fee.