Welcome to St. John Paul the Great Parish!

Weekend Mass Schedule

Saturday Vigil
4:00pm St. Peter
5:30pm St. Francis – Traditional Choir

7:30am St. Francis
8:30am St. Peter
10:00am St. Francis – Family Mass – Children’s Choir
11:15am St. Peter
12:30pm St. Francis – Mass in Spanish
5:00pm St. Peter – LifeTeen Mass – LifeTeen Music



Weekday Masses
Monday 8am St. Francis
Tuesday 7am St. Peter
Wednesday 8am St. Francis
Thursday 7am St. Peter
Friday 8am St. Francis
Saturday 8am St. Peter

Mondays: 5:00 – 7:00pm St. Peter
Saturdays: 2:30 – 3:30pm St. Francis

Eucharistic Adoration
Monday 5-7pm St. Peter
Tuesday 5-8pm St. Francis
Wednesday 5-8pm St. Francis
Thursday 5-8pm St. Francis
Friday 5-8pm St. Francis except 1st Friday of the month

First Friday 24 hour Adoration at Sacred Heart
8am Friday – 8am Saturday