Annual Parish Life Report

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

In the name of Jesus Christ our risen Lord, I greet you all.

2020 was a year that has been enshrined in the annals of human history. None of us escaped the impact of Covid-19. Our lives were turned upside down, hundreds of thousands of people died, including some of our parishioners. We could not assemble and worship as we would typically do.

While the pandemic impacted our way of worship, Covid-19 did not take away Jesus from us. We did not allow it to rob us of the obligation we owe to God, which is worship. While 2020 was filled with so much darkness and hopelessness, it provided us an opportunity to live for God and neighbor. We prayed more, served more, gave more.

Without you and your support, we would have no parish and would not have achieved these accomplishments. Thank you for remaining steadfast and not allow Covid-19 to intrude in our obligation to God and neighbor.

This parish life report describes some of the ways we lived for God and neighbor.

Your Servant in Christ,
Rev. Emmanuel Ihemedu, PHD, NCC, LPCA

2020 Parish Life Report

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