Annual Parish Life Report

Dear Sisters and Brothers,

I greet you in the name of our savior Jesus Christ!

A major mission of our church is to meet the spiritual and physical needs of our parish family and community through prayer, faith formation, stewardship, fellowship and outreach.

This parish life report shares some of the concrete ways we lived and walked this mission through various ministries in our parish in 2019.

Our parish did so much more that is no less worthy of mention but is not included in this report due to want of space. Thank you for all that you do as members of Saint John Paul the Great Parish family. It is only through your weekly, monthly and annual sharing of your resources, your time, talent and treasure, and your loyalty to the teachings of Christ that we are able to fulfill our mission. Without you and your support, we would have no parish, and none of these accomplishments would have been achieved.

On behalf of our entire staff and parish family, I thank you for your generous support.

Your Servant in Christ,
Rev. Emmanuel Ihemedu, PHD, NCC

2019 Parish Life Report