Annual Parish Life Report

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

Though we would be justified to speak to the hardships the global pandemic and its aftermath have wreaked upon our Church and Parish, I would be remiss not to see the blessings we’ve inherited too. Through our hardship, we came to understand how connected we are to the rest of the world; we learned not how we differ from one another, but how similar we are to one another; and we learned how unshakable is our faith. In these things I see God’s perpetual blessings.

Many of you have suffered great losses over these past two years, on all fronts. Yet, through your steadfast generosity that carried us through the most challenging of times, we’re still standing. Today we are emerging together, bound in and with and through the unstoppable, unbreakable love of God.

This 2021 Parish Life Report is a testament to our community, our parish families, and the grace of God. Thank you, Church, for saying “Yes“ to God and allowing Him, through you, to make the difference in our Parish when we needed it most.

Your Servant in Christ, 

Rev. Emmanuel Ihemedu, PHD, NCC, LPCA

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