The Lens Through Which We View Life

08-08-2021Weekly Reflection© LPi

The lens through which we view life makes a difference. It also determines who we choose to learn from and what we allow to shape our thoughts and feelings. For many, life is simply what it appears to be, a given that either through evolution or some other means just came to be. There is no apparent rhyme or reason to things and things can be dissected and understood only in terms of what they empirically present. To the person using this lens, a tree is a tree and a flower is a flower. Their composition and existence can be understood only to the extent that current human knowledge allows. Through this lens, what gives life purpose and meaning? This lens has an essentially unknown beginning and definite end. Once those are accepted, the middle becomes some kind of pursuit of happiness, with values and principles being things that are self-created and found acceptable.

But there is a Divine lens that also exists and deserves mention. It is found when one stumbles upon faith and begins to see things differently. This lens is of God and reveals a Divine Energy and Life that flows through and in all things. Faith then shows us that all that lives come from this one Source of Love. This is the only true lens that can give human beings the purpose and meaning they desperately need. From this perspective, all of life is much more than what is immediately apparent! It now tells and reveals a story about God generous, creative, and unconditional love! The unfolding of the human story is the unfolding of God’s story. What meaning our lives have when they are viewed as a part of God’s love affair with humanity! We are indeed special.

The lens of our faith asks us to learn from Jesus Christ. Jesus, as the real Bread of Life, shows us our eternal destiny and completes and frames our lives. It is only in allowing ourselves to be taught by Jesus, that faith, hope, and love take on much greater importance. All the relationships in our lives are now structured and ordered using God’s primary commandment of love. Jesus, then, is not just some man who lived at some point in history. Jesus is the incarnate Son of God who shows us the way, the truth, and the life. Using this lens changes things up a great deal. Looking at the creation that surrounds you and the special unique people you love, what is God trying to teach you about His love for you and the eternal life He wants you to have?