40 Days of Gratitude - 3rd Week of Lent

03-12-2023Weekly ReflectionRev. Emmanuel I. Ihemedu

This week, we will give thanks for the goodness in our communities (Psalm 133:1) by reflecting on our communities and those people who make our lives easier, better or more functional.

Sun, Mar 12
SELFCARE SUNDAY: Share one kind thing you can do for yourself today in thanksgiving for all you have done in the previous week.

Mon, Mar 13
WHO ARE THE PEOPLE, KNOWN AND UNKNOWN, WHO PARTICIPATE IN THE WORK OF KEEPING YOU PHYSICALLY HEALTHY? We invite you to reflect upon those within the medical profession: doctors, nurses, orderlies, dentists, home health care professionals, and anyone who cares for your health and well-being.

Tue, Mar 14
TODAY WE INVITE YOU TO CONSIDER THE INDIVIDUALS WHO MAKE OUR COMMUNITIES CLEAN AND FUNCTIONAL. Consider the people who take care of your garbage, your recycling, keep the parks and streets clean, and whose work often goes unnoticed. Today we invite you to give thanks for people you might not know but whose work affects your life.

Wed, Mar 15
TODAY, WE INVITE YOU TO GIVE THANKS FOR ALL THOSE WHO BRING THINGS TO YOUR DOOR. For many of us, especially during the pandemic, delivery professionals became a connection to the world around us. Give thanks for those who deliver food, mail, packages and other items in your community, even if not to your door.

Thu, Mar 18
CONSIDER THE PLACES IN YOUR COMMUNITY THAT FEED YOU AND GIVE THANKS FOR ALL OF THE PEOPLE WHO WORK THERE, FROM THOSE WHO PREPARE THE FOOD TO THOSE WHO CLEAN UP AFTERWARD. Within our communities, there are a variety of places that make food to fuel our bodies when we either don’t want to or don’t have time to prepare it ourselves.

Fri, Mar 17
CONSIDER AND GIVE THANKS FOR THOSE WHO WORK IN STORES. Take some time to think about all the shops that you frequent. From the grocery store to the small business in your town and all the people it takes to make those businesses run. From the people who stock the shelves to those who work the register or keep the store clean. Especially consider those who often go overlooked, but without whom it would be harder to get the things we need.

Sat, Mar 18
WHO DO YOU INTERACT WITH IN YOUR COMMUNITY WHO HELP YOU GET FROM ONE PLACE TO ANOTHER? We end the week by reflecting on those in our communities who support us in getting around town. We give thanks for those who work in transportation, mechanics, gas station attendants and bicycle repair people.