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URGENT Need for Volunteers

At St. John Paul the Great, we’ve been able to provide the Mass virtually for parishioners since the COVID-19 pandemic began in 2020 and we are committed to continuing the live-streamed Masses for as long as the need exists.

To accomplish this, we urgently need additional volunteers. We’re looking to train a number of volunteers from each Mass (especially daily Mass) so that we can alternate who will be running the live-stream and to ensure we always have a member available.

There’s no age requirement or age maximum. The volunteer needs to arrive a little early, run the live-stream on a laptop and stay a few minutes after. If you’re good with technology or a quick learner, this will be easier for you; training will be provided for all volunteers.

If you’re interested in joining the live-stream team, please contact the parish office at 860-482-4433

Live-streaming of daily Mass has been suspended until volunteers come forward.